Bulleit Palooza 2018

Anyone fancy a 2,340 mile trip to Vienna and back? We did! When the opportunity arises to play for a major Bourbon brand, Bulleit, at the coolest of all the festivals, Bulleit Palooza, you can't turn it down.

Bulleit Palooza 2018 poster

Three bodies, a tonne of equipment, and thankfully a very reliable car made the journey through France, Belgium and Germany into Austria to reach the capital, Vienna.

The event was was a crazy mix of music, motorbikes, burlesque dancers, Bulleit bourbon (of course), tattoos, fire-breathing cocktail makers, insect and pony-based snacks and a lot of very cool people.

We got to finally meet the lovely Bulleit Babe, who is as rock 'n roll as her Instagram feed suggests, and enjoyed one of the craziest days this band has ever experienced.

We all got a band tattoo from Bruno at Black Artz to commemorate the day.

With all of the great footage, we thought we'd make a visual spectacle for you all with a music video for our track Naughty Coffee. Check that out, as well as some pics from the day below...

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