Black Sun Blues lyrics

I drove out in the dead of Night with a fire in my stomach and a glow in my eyes,
It’s been 17 hours since I sunk in,
I felt the sting of your nails, saw your Panama grin.
you had me begging like a dog.
I had to dress in black to disguise my wounds but it’s a full moon baby now I’m coming for you.

Kiss goodbye to all I’ve known
You took my heart, my crown, my throne.
now I’m coming for you.

I woke up in the black of night
from a dream where I snuck in and I took your life
it’s been 27 seconds since I screamed your name
can taste the sweat on my pillow, feel your skin in flames.
your sex is fever your sex is god
I had to bow and cower
Had to lick my wounds
it’s a new dawn baby for the Black Sun Blues

Copyright 50 Year Storm